The Cost Of Security And Privacy For Telcos: How To Do The Math

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Join Positive Technologies’ telecoms expert Michael Downs for a thought-provoking webinar on the processes and best practices all operators should be following to ensure their networks are secure. In this informative webinar, participants will get an understanding of:

  • the critical security incidents facing telcos every day globally and how operators can remain vigilant in order to support revenue growth
  • how to get transparent TCO (total cost of ownership) estimates for security and significant return on investment while staying in budget
  • the steps required to guarantee compliance with an ever-growing list of requirements in the mobile sector, including 5G and Internet of Things (IoT)

During the webinar, Michael Downs will explain how telecommunication providers can establish ongoing security and data protection processes, and shift from a check-box approach to proactive protection – an essential step for operators in order to effectively fight modern threats. A GDPR expert will also join the discussion to offer attendees insights into how the legislation impacts the telecoms industry and the compliance issues many are facing. 

This immersive session will also include interactive polls and self-assessment surveys to help participants better understand the challenges their company faces and the ways they can improve their overall security posture.

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