Our new R&D center in Brno

We are pleased to announce the opening of our brand new   R&D center Brno, Czech Republic, which will focus on developing products to secure mobile telecommunications systems.

Why Brno?

As part of our global growth strategy to be closer to customers all over the world, we are seeking to open  sales offices and development centers in a diverse range of countries.

Brno is the perfect place for an R&D center. Besides being a good geographic location, the city is home to development centers of numerous major IT and information security companies such as IBM, NetSuite, Red Hat and AVG Technologies. The local workforce is also young and well-educated with 90,000 of the city\’s 350,000 residents being students, the kind of people who thrive at PT.

The first employees in our Brno office

Big plans ahead

The new office is designed for 35–50 people and we plan to ramp up to full capacity over time. Given the demand and market opportunity, we are prioritizing  the development team for SS7 security products – so if you are interested in mobile network security, please get in touch. That said, we will certainly be looking at opportunities to build other security products and increase our overall talent pool in the area.  So, if you are an inquiring mind with a thirst for knowledge and an interest in information security R&D, drop us a line!

Our office is on the first floor of Spielberk Office Centre, along with AVG Technologies, SolarWinds, and Xura

Author: Maxim Shiyanovsky, Managing Director at Positive Technologies.

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