The eagerly awaited Gartner Web Application Firewall Magic Quadrant is released

For the first time our application firewall product, PT AF™, has been named a ‘visionary’ in the Gartner \”Magic Quadrant for Web Application Firewalls\” report. We are ecstatic that Gartner recognized Positive Technologies for its ability to innovate and outperform in the WAF market particularly as we are a new entrant to this Magic Quadrant. It is very rewarding to be recognized for a compelling vision and credited with demonstrating a strong capability to protect business applications, notably SAP.  We are delighted that the Gartner report also noted that our partners and customers speak highly of both our responsiveness and of the quality of our technical support as looking after our customers is key to our overall company vision and core to everything we do.

2015 was an exciting year for us as we continued our international expansion winning new customers and signing new partners in many global locations.  We have been part of a new momentum among CIO’s and security teams running critical business processes to futureproof their business with better security.  Recent high-profile security breaches in both the private, public and government sectors have thrown new light on both the business and reputational costs to an organization.  They have also served as a reminder that traditional security is unable to cope with the most determined and sophisticated of attacks.  

Gartner is seeing growth in this market, “By year-end 2020, more than 60% of public Web applications protected by a Web application firewall (WAF)”, (Gartner 2015) which is not surprising give the rise in both the numbers and complexity of attacks.

Gartner produces this excellent independent report with no vested interests in any of the vendors and with just one purpose, to examine, review and report on what the WAF market looks like today shielding the buyer from complex marketing messaging and smooth sales pitches.

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