iOS Blocking — Do Not Give In to Cyber Blackmail!

Another scandal beside the one with celebrity nude photo leaks seems to break out soon. Recently, many owners of Apple phones and tablets have faced iCloud account blocking. Accounts are blocked by Apple itself in response to continuous bruteforce attempts. Positive Technologies experts warn you of iCloud blocking attacks conducted for the sake of blackmail and ask to ignore suspicious emails.

Nowadays cybercriminals are very attentive to information security researches — celebrity photos appeared on the Internet right after Andrey Belenko published his report \”iCloud Keychain and iOS 7 Data Protection\”. Following notorious photo publications, Apple restricted the number of login attempts. Once all of them fail, an account gets blocked.

How to restore your account?

You can easily restore your account on using your email or security questions. Moreover, you can either set a new password or keep a current one.

Positive Technologies experts have already informed Apple about the ongoing situation. We recommend that all iCloud users, whose accounts have been blocked (most probably due to insufficient iCloud automation protection), refer to the Apple\’s official recovery procedure and ignore malicious tricks.

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