Positive Technologies Experts Took Part in Chaos Communication Congress in Hamburg

Chaos Communication Congress organized by Chaos Computer Club is one of the oldest (since 1984) and largest events of the hacker world in Europe. The latest twenty ninth in succession meeting (29С3 as called by the organizers) brought together 6,000 participants including representatives of our company — Sergey Gordeychik, Gleb Gritsay, and Yury Goltsev.

The Congress scenario included multiple reports and workshops focused on various information security aspects.

Sergey Gordeychik and Gleb Gritsay reported on the results of the security research of the largest ICS systems.

By the way, this presentation was partially shown at the Power of Community (PoC) conference held in Seoul.

The audience was very interested in the report (both the visitors and online audience), and, by popular request, the team of Positive Technologies joined the workshop of Maryna Krotofil, a doctoral candidate at Hamburg University of Technology, which was dedicated to ICS systems security.

In the end the workshop took two hours instead of an hour as had been planned by the organizers; and various vulnerabilities of programmable logic controllers were demonstrated.

However, it was not the only workshop, in which the representatives of Positive Technologies took part — Yury Goltsev held a competition and workshop named $natch, developed on the ground of Internet Banking contests firstly held as part of the forum Positive Hack Days 2012. Moreover, our team reviewed the forum PHDays III in the course of Lightning Talks.

Congress Wiki page: https://events.ccc.de/congress/2012/wiki/Main_Page
Congress weblog: http://events.ccc.de/category/29c3/

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